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HZS35 concrete mixing plant

2020-03-18 11:48:48

HZS35 concrete mixing plant

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HZS35 concrete mixing plant (tower) by the aggregate supply, metering, mixing and electric control system, the station single productivity of 35 m3 / h, discharging height of 3.8 m, can mix various types of concrete, and is suitable for small and medium-sized construction, water and electricity, roads, ports, Bridges and other construction and small and medium-sized cement production factory and commodity concrete production plants.
We aggregate the loader feeding, four big volume bin, four different aggregate can be stored at the same time, electronic scales measurement.Equipped with a cement warehouse and additive in a bunker, from the two screw conveyor to feed in the weighing hopper, cement and additives used electronic scale metering.Water from the water pump water supply, electronic scale metering, increase pressure pump outlet, ensure the quality of water supply.Additive by additive supply electronic scale metering pump.Station adopts two JS750 dual-axial mixing machine as a host, a mixing of good quality, high efficiency, low noise, etc.Appliances using advanced computer control, automatic and manual two kinds of operation function, complete ingredients, measuring, feeding, stirring, discharge, etc. All the application process.The automatic proportioning storage divide compensation